Our Focus

BOCONGO functions in four (4) Thematic Areas. The four themes are:


1. Inclusive Social Policy

  • Building accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.
  • Advocating for responsive responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision making at all levels.
  • Promoting and and advocacy for enforcement of non discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development
  • Advocacy for women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities
  • Strengthening sound policies and enforceable legistlation for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls at all levels.
  • Advocating for the rights of maginalised and vulnerable groups.
  • Empowering vulnerable groups for meaningful participation in and benefiting from development processes.

2. Sustainable Environment and Resource Management

  • Climate justice advocacy at all levels.
  • Designing of programmes for Sustainable Environment at Resource Management at all levels
  • Capacity building for resilience and  adaptive capacity to climate related hazards and natural disasters. in all countries.
  • Scaling up education, awareness raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.
  • Building partnerships for Sustainable Environment at Resource Management
  • Research for evidence based planning and response interventions.

3. Democratic Governance

  • Civic Education and electoral processes.
  • Building of democratic and accountable Institutions.
  • Capacity Building for Transparency Monitoring.
  • Engaging checks and balances.
  • Promoting participation.

4. Economic Justice

  • Promoting development oriented policies that support productive activities and decent jobs.
  • Creating,entrepreneurship,creativityandinnovation.
  • Promoting productivity and effective service delivery
  • Tax Justice.
  • Sustainable Tourism for job creation.
  • Policy advocacy for enabling environment for small business.
  • Development of Pro-poor and gender sensitive development strategies.